Interstellar Shaman

I had put this up before…and it disappeared…Anyways, it started as a scribble on my ipod. Then I souped it up a bit in Illustrator. I think I’ll get myself a print made of this one.


Flash Demo – Viva-Aspire/Amadeus

While working with Viva Aspire, I worked on a demo was for the globally based travel group Amadeus. The purpose of the demo was to present the benefits of using the new Amadeus  Hotel Revenue Management System. The demo had a number of topics, including an interactive diagram, which summarised the key points of the system.

I was responsible for the design and ‘look and feel’, while liaising with the developers who would provide the player.

I employed a clean and vibrant illustrations that would suit the project and take into account the corporate style guidelines of Amadeus.

Below is a close-up of some of the character illustrations. I feel they are vibrant without being over-complicated or distracting.

Cars Plus – Flash Game

During my time in  Viva-Aspire, a Birmingham city based design and marketing company I worked on a number of Flash projects. One of their biggest clients is the travel group Amadeus. Currently trying to add car rentals to their arsenal of products, they asked us to produce a short game for their own customers in the travel agency sectors. The game was a world tour visiting some of the biggest landmarks, in a Bugatti Veyron no less.

I was responsible for developing all the graphics and animation and overall look of the game while the action-script was handled by one of our trusted developers.